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Benefits of Powder Coating

Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating is far preferable to wet paint for many various reasons.
Primarily because it is environmentally friendly: there are no fumes; no lead paint is used; up to 98% of paint can be re-used and the PVC’s that are present in wet paint are totally absent.
Additionally, there are thousands of colours and textures to choose from to enhance your product. Powder does not require a primer, and a one coat application enables thicker coating with provides enhanced durability.

For many products, powder is a more cost-effective finishing method.

Stock Colour Chips

Kenex has recently assembled it’s own set of colour chips. We have put our 75 most popular colours onto metal chips to give you the most accurate picture of what they will look like once applied to your products. We keep all of these colours in stock 365 days a year, and also offer no charge prototypes on all 75 colours. If you would like to request a set of our stock chips please click on the link below

Request a stock colour ship set